We Focus on just 10 Clients.

You could be one of them.

The “tenclient concept” provides you with a signed contract that includes the following services each month:

Fully Documented Account Reviews Monthly Summary Reports Quarterly Comprehensive Analysis Reports Quarterly Reviews, Face to Face with your Advisors

Find Out How

Are you a high net-worth investor?

Are you dissatisfied with the services and performance from your current advisor?

If you are a dissatisfied investor, the reason may be:

Too many clients

Our experience has shown that many investment advisors have over 200 clients. With hundreds of clients and thousands of holdings, totaling tens of thousands of different account variations that all require management, an advisor’s attention can be stretched quite thin.

Too much bias

Many advisors work at large brokerage firms, as did many of our team members at one time. It was not uncommon that these firms were frequently pushing, or “strongly encouraging” the use of specific products. In a world where your advisor’s compensation can vary from 0.25% to 15% based on the product they sell, it is easy to see where bias can get in the way.

Too little communication

Lack of communication is often the top complaint by high net-worth individuals. When you have too many clients, it often leads to a lack of regular, meaningful communication. The communication should not start and end at the beginning of the relationship, it should build over time.

At tenclient, we are a team of independent, unbiased, seasoned advisors who provide comprehensive, contractually committed services to a select few investors.

Our Services

The “tenclient concept” is built around one goal: To provide a select few clients with the industry’s most comprehensive service plan. 10 days a month are committed to 10 clients, one day each. To do so, each client is assigned a team of dedicated advisors who manage their select accounts with a focus on the client’s unique goals.

Our business model is simple:

  • A team of five investment professionals per client
  • A maximum of 10 clients per team
  • Minimum client relationship; $10,000,000

Contractually Committed Services for a Select Few

We realize that each person has unique expectations of their investment service and communications plan, present and future. With that in mind, we build a custom service contract for each person in the tenclient program. Lip service is not an option.

Fiduciary Services Contract
Your team of investment advisors provides you with a written contract that outlines in detail the specific services to be provided and when. This contract ensures that you receive the high level of communication and service you are promised. We are certain that no other firm offers these same high-level services, let alone contractually commit itself to doing so in writing.
Consistent Phone Contact
In addition to each client’s scheduled monthly phone review, we average over six contacts per client per month. That said, our communications are tailored to fit you and your account’s specific needs, timetables, allocations, and market environment.
Monthly Internal Reviews
One day each month your investment advisory team dedicates itself to thoroughly reviewing your account – its holdings, its performance, its standing relative to your goals. These meetings are documented in our database management system, and the content of these meetings are reported to you in the form of a detailed yet straightforward Summary Report.
Quarterly Face-to-Face Consultation
Once a quarter, a minimum of two tenclient team members will meet with you face to face. This review includes a Quarterly Summary Snapshot, a review of Monthly Internal Review Summary Reports, an Investment Advisory Committee Market Outlook, and Individual Investment Holdings Analysis.
Annual Summary Report
Each client receives a customized, detailed Annual Account Summary review, including  returns, fees, income projections, tax reporting, and allocation assessments.
Annual Master Plan Review
An annual meeting organized and managed by our team with your CFO, Tax Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney, and any other trusted advisor or business manager. These meetings are set six months in advance and last a minimum of half a day.

The “tenclient concept”

The “tenclient concept” is the elite services program within Lawing Financial, an independent investment advisory firm, since 1988. Federally registered, with over 50 team members, Lawing Financial is unique in its size and independence. All told, few independent firms have the infrastructure and depth of experience to provide the high level of support that Lawing Financial offers its clients.

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